With every beat of our heart, we create a vast electromagnetic wave field surrounding and penetrating our body. Our “Heart-Waves” are over 100 times more powerful than our brain waves. By healing the wounds of the heart, our Heart-Waves change immediately. This causes dramatic shifts in the health of our bodies, our personalities, and our spiritual connection to Wholeness.

If we heal our heart, we heal our world.


I don’t know what you are doing but keep doing it because I feel wonderful. I’m not having to give myself as much insulin, and I haven’t changed my diet, exercise, medication, or lifestyle.

My A1C [Blood sugar level] dropped from 9.4 to 6.6 in three months. My energy is back, my balance is back, and my relationship with my sister is better than it has been all my life.”

SN,   Kansas

My sexual energy was nonexistent and I was experiencing dissociation during intimacy with my husband. During the course of treatment there has been a marked shift in my energy. I have gone from being fearful and removed to feeling love on both the receptive and expressive sides. I feel much more balanced with a definite increase in energy flow. I have become present when I am with my husband…this is a huge success!

LB,   Pennsylvania

I have anxiety disorder associated with my emotionally abusive ex-husband and father of my child. I see a therapist once or twice per month and am on long term and acute acting anxiety medication.

Before my healing sessions, I had fear and anxiety as usual. Immediately after each energy healing session, I felt peace. I rarely felt any peace at all before energy healing.  I also felt more courageous as a woman; like I had a right to enjoy a peaceful life after divorce.

LC,   Pennsylvania

I want to thank you deeply for what you’ve done for me.  That experience with you is a lifelong reference.  When I get angry and want to rebel from what I’m up against, I have your experience to remember.  It wasn’t meant to apply for just one evening; it was meant to be there for the rest of my life.  You brought through very powerful forces who really mean business!

Rudy T.,   California
Rudy T.,

The healing stirred some discomfort at times but through Chris’ gifted guidance and ability to understand what I could and could not handle, offered glimpses of long hidden truths and pieces of my Self appeared.  What is Hurqalya healing to me?  It is hope.  It is an answer for physical pain while awakening my soul to identify its pain.  … I look forward to the next level of healings. [This] is one of my life’s greatest blessings.

KI,   Pennsylvania

In Level Two I energetically “got” how often I lived like a timid rabbit – afraid to step out and live my destiny.  It was embarrassing how often people would meet me and never remember me the next time we met.  With this energetic shift I have stepped into a sense of fearlessness that keeps getting stronger.  I have now happily accepted a leadership role in an international non profit.

KW,   California

This … experience includes my body, mind, heart and soul. [It] started out yesterday as my head opening up to the sky and experiencing all the stars and planets as a reflection of my own brain when I was outside at night. Now just standing outside and experiencing being the sun is an ecstasy that takes over just about everything else.

MS,   Iowa

"It's remarkable how often headaches disappear within 10 or 15 minutes of starting the Hurqalya Method™.  The Heart energy is just amazing."

BLW,   Pennsylvania

"I was doing Level Three of the Hurqalya Method™ when suddenly a jolt of energy passed through me. I said to my client 'You've just received a great blessing.' She replied 'Yes, I know. I feel like someone dipped a paint brush into Pure Silence, and brushed that Silence through my body.'"

Reported by LA,   Iowa
Reported by LA,

"I have a client with congenital birth defects.  She has never been able to walk.  Even while sitting she could not put both feet on the floor.  After 35 sessions, she can now walk with crutches for the first time in her life.  I was hoping simply for more comfort in her life, so this amazes me also."

AP,   Austria

How does the Hurqalya Method™ work?

We have learned how to use the energy of our heart to heal and balance your Heart–Field, or your electromagnetic field. Your body follows your Heart-Field and moves into more perfect health.

We also use the energy and intelligence of the Universal Heart, sometimes called the Source Field. This is far more powerful, and has profound effects on your personality. Our experience is that this can even change the template or blueprint of the bodily health you were born with.

Three Levels of Healing

Level 1

Hurqalya Level One refers to what is traditional energy healing. Our hands can transmit PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) waves going from the healer to the client.  However, the right frequency must be used, and the energy source of the healer must be strong and not depleted.

Level 2

In this level, we use the energy of the heart to heal deep emotional and energetic wounds that prevent you from living a full and balanced life. We heal the imbalances in the energy body so we can be physically healed or we can heal old patterns that no longer serve us.

Level 3

This level is the pinnacle of Energetic Healing. Here we make a big shift: we heal from the Universal Heart rather than from our individual heart. We use four specific Divine Qualities of the Universal Heart to heal your Divine Template or soul.



Come home again

Feel good again and live in your body with great delight.


Integrated Healing

Heal your heart, mind, and spirit — not just your body.


emotional integration

So your heart’s desires can be easily fulfilled.


Restore balance

Balance your system at the deepest levels of your existence.


Safe and all natural

Can complement your current regimen/treatments, etc.


Dissolve Fear

Fears dissolve and transform in the presence of the Heart.

Ready to Get Started?

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