Code of Ethics for Hurqalya Healers

Ethics of the Heart

As Hurqalya Method™ certified practitioners, we have the rare privilege of introducing Heart-Centered Healing to the world. We are representing the Universal Heart as well as iamHeart Inc, and we do this with great care and honor. Here are ethical standards for all Hurqalya Method™ practitioners:


  1. Living from the Heart, we act with great love for our clients and community. We always speak and act with respect and kindness.
  2. The Heart naturally expands into Unity with all. We continue to cultivate the quality of our Hearts through Heart Rhythm Meditation, our sound practices, and our breathing practices.
  3. The Heart is Grateful.   We honor with gratitude the tradition and lineage of Masters that has brought us this knowledge of Energetic Healing.
  4. The Heart loves to serve. We regularly upgrade our professional knowledge and experience of Hurqalya Healing so we may serve our clients with the most profound healings possible.
  5. The Heart integrates all differences. We treat all clients equally and fairly, without regard to race, religion, ethnic background, age, gender, sexual preference, or economic status.
  6. The Heart inspires trust. As a Heart Centered Healer, we agree to refrain from using our position to take economic or sexual advantage of our clients.
  7. If a relationship may develop, we agree to allow a responsible period of time between any healing treatments and the development of that relationship.
  8. The Heart honors privacy and confidentiality. For the sake of our clients and our own integrity, we agree to maintain complete confidentiality about our clients and their treatments.
  9. The Heart acts with Integrity. In our business practices, we are truly Professionals. We speak and act truthfully to our clients and in our advertising.
  10. The Heart is Transparent. In our websites and brochures, we clearly show what to expect in our HM sessions. We are open and honest about our fees.
  11. The Heart is Inclusive. We acknowledge the value of Allopathic medicine, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, and the many, many other branches of healing found throughout the world. We speak of them as we would like to be spoken of.
  12. We recognize that the Hurqalya Method™ addresses the Energetic aspect of healing, so we let other healing arts diagnose the physical and mental conditions of the patients.
  13. We honor or ignore the remedies that other healing professionals have given the client. If we believe a client needs medical or psychological assistance, we suggest they get that assistance.
  14. The Heart teaches by example; we act as leaders in our community. We recognize our actions and communications have an effect on others and on our Hurqalya Healing community. We quickly and lovingly resolve all differences of opinion, all conflicts of interest, or any other problems that arise in our practice.