Here is where Science meets Spirituality.

The wonderful world of Science can now measure the electromagnetic field surrounding each person. We all know the Earth has an electromagnetic field – that’s why we can use a compass. The beating of our heart creates our much smaller electromagnetic field. In our school of healing, we call this the Heart Field.

Science can also measure the electromagnetic energy coming out of our hands. Our hands generate PEMFs – Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequencies. We use these hand generated frequencies to modify, heal, and balance the Heart Field, and the body shifts into a healthier, more balanced functioning.

Even the FDA recognizes this – it has approved devices for sale to the public that generate PEMFs for healing purposes. We feel like this is extracting vitamins out of whole food – it has it’s uses, but whole food is better.

Our hands heal with wholeness, and not just one specific PEMF. Our hands are an extension of our hearts. The intelligent energy of the heart flows through our hands into the Heart Field of the client and the Heart Field starts to change. The body begins to shift to match the new Heart Field.