10 Reasons You Should Make Hurqalya Practice a Priority in Your Life

Jan 15, 2019


By Chaitanya Brandon Ives


  1. Hurqalya’s potency cannot be understated. A single healing may move mountains for your client.


  1. Your individual meditations will grow… in strength, nuance, and refinement.


  1. Hurqalya practice gives you an opportunity to get the “reps” needed to contemplate well.

The confidence instilled from the ability to contemplate with ever-progressing levels of accuracy and precision and with even moderate “resolution” is very strong.


  1. While in session, you can be in a forum and an atmosphere where speaking from your heart is not only allowed, but required. Enough said.


  1. You improve in the skill of saying the right thing at the right moment, and refraining from saying what need not be said. This is especially crucial in Hurqalya, and more Hurqalya experience begets more confidence that what you say (or don’t say) will be influential and helpful.


  1. Any coherence you help someone establish within their heart field or nervous system means more harmony for the people around that person. Often, the harmonizing effects will be articulated to you by your clients just after their session or through follow-up correspondence. In certain cases, playing a role in someone’s triumph and having them appreciate you can make all the meditation and Hurqalya training worth the effort. On the other hand, sometimes appreciation is not articulated out loud, but you feel the harmony nonetheless. Appreciation comes from a more abstract place in those times.


  1. It will improve the quality and timbre of your voice. In our school, this is not trite thing.

Timbre, richness, and vibratory quality of your voice reveal the openness of our hearts. We are dynamic creatures, influenced by all sorts of forces: the quality of the voice waxes and wanes in relationship with our vitality. Especially in H2 and H3, we amplify the heart’s energy by modulating it with sound. The more healings you do, the more these sounds polish your heart, kick the “rust” off it, and let the light through.


  1. It will improve your relationship to the sound practices (and to the corresponding qualities they invoke). You will hone in on the appropriate volume, duration, and energy to be effective and soothing.


  1. You will learn that even with clients whose life content and energetic state carry “heavy loads” you will, despite self-doubt, be able to connect to them. Despite not having first-hand experience in their hurt, Hurqalya softens the shame, guilt, fear, or pain. We relate to each other through the heart, not through having undergone the exact same traumas. Your life experiences don’t have to be identical to be able “go there” with them.

Even just being heard, to many people, will make a big difference. There are some healings in which the most potent aspect of the healing is just in the fact that someone deeply listened. It’s hard to describe, but you’ll feel it when you encounter a healing like this – you are the ears upon which the client can have their prayers heard. The power in these cases is in the listening, and then you do further energy work.



  1. You not only get a benefit from each healing, as has been said, you can get a direct experience of your client’s experience. If you connect to the heart of your client with intention and in the spirit of serving them in their healing and life-journey, somehow you are invited into a temporary resonance with their energy field. You feel what they feel and the emotional catharsis you and Hurqalya energy helps facilitate is felt within your energy system.

This is different than to say that you receive the benefit of each healing… Most of the times, that is true: you accrue a stronger healing capacity little by little with each session, but this point is like compassion 2.0. I’ve have given many healings which have resulted in my own feeling “WOW! This is part of The Heart? This experience / emotion is possible? I don’t know if I would have experienced this were it not for this collaboration, this temporary merging of my heart with this special friend.


Hurqalya reveals what’s possible, what’s within you, and continuously exposes the magical hidden doors within the chambers your heart. Sweep them out, friends! It’s a beautiful and humbling task.


Be well, Chaitanya

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