Healing Heroin Addiction

Dec 21, 2018

(by Kate Lampe LPC)

Hurqalya as a general support in psychotherapy clients

Kate Lampe LPC, Emmaus PA


Good Morning Heartmates,

I wanted to let you all know that I did a healing session for a heroin addict. She was deeply receptive which helped immensely. So far she has been clean for 2 weeks.

Anything else I know as a counselor does not work for her. When she came to see me this week her eyes were clear and she was excited to talk about the challenges in her life. Can you imagine my excitement?

Before this I was hoping that the field would be producing an intervention that would rewire the nervous system to bring liberation from this horrible drug cycle.

While I listened to her story I was very clear that I had given up all of my past associations with the story about heroin users. My mind felt in service to my heart. This is a big deal for me. Heart Rhythm Meditation prepared me to offer heart.  All my past traditional treatment strategies came with dogma that carry the weight of judgement.

I’m so grateful for you and our community. Life needs our full on Love.

3rd Week update:

She is still clean. Our Hurqalya sessions are shorter because the energy overwhelms her system easily. I’m not sure how to handle that but she absorbs what she can and seems to feel extraordinary Peace.

Getting the third eye talking with the solar plexus seemed important today.

Many Blessings to you my friends and companions.




Kate Lampe is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 25 years of experience helping individuals and couples with emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual issues. She specializes in sexual trauma counseling, drug and alchohol addiction counseling, and also facilitates group meditation circles.

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