You might enjoy hearing some case studies of clients who went through Hurqalya Healing™ Method. The audios below are told by the Practitioners themselves.

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This client is diabetic, and sees vast improvement in her health, energy, stamina, and sees her A1C blood sugar test drop from 9.4 to 6.6 in 3 months with no change in diet, exercise, medication, or lifestyle.  And her relationship with her sister gets better.

Length of audio: About 4 minutes.

A hilariously skeptical MD (Douglas Schneider) talks about his amazing results using the principles of  the Hurqalya Method™ to heal himself.

Length of audio: About 13 minutes.


I began my Hurqalya sessions with the intent of energizing my second chakra which had been constricted due to extended emotional abuse. My sexual energy was nonexistent and I was experiencing dissociation during intimacy with my husband. During the course of treatment there has been a marked shift in my energy. I have gone from being fearful and removed to feeling love on both the receptive and expressive sides. I feel much more balanced with a definite increase in energy flow. I have become present when I am with my husband…this is a huge success!

During the sessions, I felt the movement of energy in different parts of my body. Branka and I discovered that depending on my meditation practice, she could feel the increase of energy in different centers. When doing Ya Quddous/ Ya Muhyi, there was a strong increase in my 2nd and 5th chakras. This held true for other practices that focused on specific energy centers.


An overview of H1, H2, and H3

I’m a big believer in the power of these healing modalities.


I could typically feel the energy more as warmth in different parts of my body along with mild tingling sensations. I did not find H1 to be quite as powerful although I did experience relief from the specific symptoms we were working on, i.e. sciatic pain, congestion, headache. There was some immediate effect but mostly I felt it gradually in the hours following the sessions.



With H2, I could feel energy as a tingling sensation in different parts of my body; sometimes mild but other times very pronounced. I could feel the energy moving throughout my body depending on the area of focus. I always felt a strong tingling and pulsing in both hands and tingling in my third eye. I also experienced more emotion during H2 along with memories tied to those emotions. I sometimes experienced chills and physical shaking depending on the depth of the emotion. This shaking would subside as my energy became more balanced. During one session, I had a pronounced pain in my lower right abdomen. (This was a pain that only appeared after we began the session.) As Branka worked, the pain gradually moved up my body…we talked as she tracked it to confirm that we were both experiencing the same thing. The pain eventually exited up and out of my sixth center. It was an amazing experience!

I could feel a much stronger spiritual component with H2 and could feel the energy working on a deeper level. There were angels and other unseen beings present during many of the sessions, and I typically felt a great sense of peace when we were finished.



This is a sacred and holy experience. I actually felt my soul’s excitement in trying on it’s new body. I felt great hope and curiosity with a strong desire for exploration. I could feel my spirit moving in to the different developmental stages. It did take us 3 tries before we could get the energy of my spirit all the way in to my body. I had a strong desire to visit but not to stay.


“ I feel stagnant. I know I have a power, but I am not using it. I’d like to be able to use my power”.

At the initial session, I focused on the pain I was having in my right foot. But even during that session, it became clear that emotional issues would be more important. I recall the session beginning with about 15 minutes of meditation, in which Branka explained the Heart Rhythm method simply. This method allowed me to calm very quickly and come into a peaceful frame of mind immediately.

The foot pain, which is probably from slight movement in the metatarsals, went away. It has not returned. During other sessions, now I am unsure which ones, I was reclined on a massage table, as Branka held her hands over different areas, pairing chakras. I could feel warmth, which in my mind I decided seemed similar to Reiki energy (Reiki work I have had in the past, years ago). Issues about my father’s death when I was a young child came up as Branka paused in various areas.

Discussing these memories brought me a sense of relief, and eventually I was able to realize that my current frustrations with poor communication with my own adult daughter were somehow connected to my own past and was able to feel that I could continue to be more openhearted when communicating with my daughter. Also, I was able to let go of my expectations of how that communication SHOULD be, and become more expressive of my care and concern for her without feeling afraid of loss.

This, and more, happened over several sessions, separated by a week or sometimes two weeks. During the time after a session, there was always a feeling of having let go of some block that was holding me back. Now, without me doing anything, the communication with my daughter has become more frequent, more pleasant, and more nurturing to her (I hope) and me.

I no longer feel that her lack of an immediate reply has any meaning in her feelings toward me, and I am easily able to continue to reach out and express myself. I have also been consistent in my previously erratic meditation practice. Looking back, the whole process felt gentle yet there was genuine transformation, which has lasted.

Sherra Zavitsanos 
Sherra Zavitsanos

Energy Healing Experience

I have anxiety disorder associated with my emotionally abusive ex-husband and father of my child. I see a therapist once or twice per month and am on long term and acute acting anxiety medication.

Before my healing sessions, I had fear and anxiety as usual. Immediately after each energy healing session, I felt peace. I rarely felt any peace at all before energy healing.   I also felt more courageous as a woman; like I had a right to enjoy a peaceful life after divorce.   I learned that specific things during my childhood that caused pain were still affecting me as an adult. I was not aware of these things before my healing sessions. For example, I learned that I was angry with my parents for choosing abnormal partners which in turn caused me to seek abnormal partners. I realized that I was blaming my parents for my situation. I was able to release that pain and forgive them.

Courage was the most profound attribute I received through my healing sessions. Before healing, I did not stand up to my ex-husband or say no to his unreasonable demands regarding our son. As a result of the healing sessions, I set boundaries surrounding communication with my ex-husband and our son. I am still following my set boundaries despite continued harassment which indicates that my courage remains much stronger than before my energy healing sessions. I learned to say no for the right reasons through energy healing. My son and I have more joy and peace because we are not giving into emotional blackmail.

During the early healing sessions, sudden images or strong feelings would surface and I would cry a lot. For later sessions, I did not have strong feeling or images that would make me cry. I still had feelings or images that let me know something needed addressed or saw images that were giving me strength and courage to handle a situation. I felt pressure or tingling on some areas of my body where healing hands were positioned above. Sometimes pain would develop in a certain area but did not remain after the session.   When a ‘pull out’ was performed during my periods of emotional distress I returned to a peaceful state of mind and all crying subsided.

LC,   Pennsylvania

My introduction to Hurqalya healing began when I was approached by Branka and asked to participate. I was honored to receive this gift as I have been diagnosed with a terminal cancer diagnosis and could use all the healing I could get!  And I so totally love Branka. So we lined up 10 sessions.

From our very first session exploring Hurqalya 1 and 2, this process has been life changing for me. Branka senses energy from specific chakras, and we move forward with the necessary pull out that she tunes into, which allows me to release all that I carry on each given day, leaving me feeling lighter and, well, healed. It was clear that this is work on a soul level. And for this, I am so grateful.

Branka then learned Hurqalya 3, and this is where I really feel the energy as my body becomes enveloped with goosebumps from behind me as I lay on the healing table.  It's as though I'm being embraced by energy.  And it is such a beautiful and powerful experience.

During every session, whether I arrive feeling clear or with much on my heart, I leave feeling renewed, peaceful, and better than when I walked in the door.

Branka has been a true healer on a soul level. She is in her element. And I am so grateful to have connected with her in order to help her process while receiving her incredible gift of healing at the same time.

Kelly Lynch 
Kelly Lynch