Creating a culture of the Heart.

In this website and in all our literature, we present the Hurqalya Method™ as a healing practice. This is certainly the truth on one level. We give relief and create vibrant harmony in body, mind, emotions and spirit. That’s what we do, and we are grateful for your interest in our service.

The deeper truth is that the co-founders Susanna and Puran Bair and all the Hurqalya Method™ practitioners have a deeper desire held within our hearts. We want you to live in your heart rather than living in your head. We hold this wish for every individual, every family, every community, every state and every country.

We call this “Creating A Culture of the Heart.” As more individuals live in their hearts, naturally the levels of love and compassion rise for the benefit of everyone. Consider the feeling level of a sleepy traditional Spanish village to the feeling level of an inner city slum. One is obviously more heart-centered than the other.

This is not to blame the residents of the inner city slum; the wounds in their hearts simply do not allow them to live in their hearts. It’s too painful, and it feels dangerous to live in your heart when it is wounded. The wounds must be healed, and this is what we do in the Hurqalya Method™ and Heart Rhythm Meditation.

Right now most people experience themselves as existing somewhere behind their eyeballs. That’s where our sense of “Self” is. Even people who have a very quiet mind from years of traditional meditation still have the sense that their self-awareness is in their brain. We honor and respect all forms of spiritual development, but our experience is that once you have a taste of living in your heart you will never let it go.

“I had only been practicing Heart Rhythm Meditation for a few weeks when I first experienced living in my heart. My heart swelled with joy and just pulled me wherever I was going. I couldn’t believe it – my heart was actually pulling and leading me.

I’d always prided myself on my ‘James Bond’ alertness to possible dangers and problems that might occur. I’d be looking and watching all the time to make sure everything was going to be alright.  That ‘In my head’ living just disappeared when I moved into my heart. I was living in an ocean of safety.” KW, Iowa

A Quiet Mind or a Loving, Open Heart?

Which would you prefer – to have a quiet mind, or a loving and open heart? They are both wonderful, of course, but our experience is that a loving and open heart spontaneously creates a quiet mind. It’s almost impossible to quiet the mind if your heart is troubled.

Part of creating a Culture of the Heart in America and the world is to shift our spiritual focus back to living in the heart. We invite you to join us in fulfilling this vision.

When you receive a Hurqalya Method™ treatment, you will begin to experience the power of your heart. It’s a tangible experience. It’s something that is “caught” by being with a person who is already living in their heart. It’s a different way of existing.

You can also start to live in your heart by practicing Heart Rhythm Meditation. See for more information, or your Hurqalya Method™ practitioner will be happy to connect you to local classes on HRM.

In most cases when you do a Hurqalya Method™ session, your Hurqalya Method™ practitioner will give you meditation and breathing practices designed for your unique situation. All such practices will help you move into your heart. We all wish you great happiness and joy on your journey.