Three Levels of The Hurqalya Method™ of Healing

The Hurqalya Method™ teaches three levels of energetic healing.

Hurqalya One refers to what is traditional energy healing. Our hands can transmit PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) waves going from the healer to the client. Both science and experience demonstrate how effective this can be for healing. Even the FDA recognizes the healing power of PEMF’s. However, the right frequency must be used, and the energy source of the healer must be strong and not depleted.

This last point is rarely recognized but is very important. In certain healing traditions, it is a well-known problem that healers become depleted and cannot heal anymore. Sincere lovers of God may pray and meditate intensely for long periods of time to build up their own energetic body, and then gain a great reputation as a healer. But when they use their own personal light or energy to heal, when that is gone they go into the Dark Night of the Soul. They cannot heal and feel forsaken.

The Hurqalya Method™ uses the power of the heart to solve this problem. Our hearts are automatically connected to the Source Field, so the healing power is coming directly from the Source into our hearts and then out through our hands.

Because the heart “sees” with great intelligence, the heart will use exactly the right frequency of PEMF to heal the symptom. At times we don’t want to add energy when we are healing – we want to remove energy instead. Inflammation and cancer are two examples of this. Adding certain types of extra energy just aggravates these conditions. The heart governs this process and either transforms the hot energy or adds cooling energy as needed.

This is why we call this healing from the heart.

In Hurqalya Two we use the energy of the heart to heal deep emotional and energetic wounds that prevent the client from living a full and balanced life.

We have a physical body, and we have an energetic body that supports the physical body. Even more subtly, we have a Divine Template (called the Soul by religious traditions). This Divine Template supports and creates the heart and energetic body. There are seven energy centers or chakras in the energy body. The heart is the key to keeping these centers full of energy and power.

When an imbalance develops in either the Template or the energetic body, eventually it shows up on the physical plane. We either have an illness in the physical body, or we have a pattern in our behavior that causes us great problems.

Hurqalya Two heals the imbalances in the energy body so we can be physically healed or we can heal old patterns that no longer serve us. As you read or listen to the healing experiences in this website, you will see this healing again and again. Hurqalya Two also connects these energy centers to each other, so we function in wholeness on an energetic level. It is really quite remarkable.

Hurqalya Three is the pinnacle of the Hurqalya Method™. This is new ground, new material that has never been taught in our era. Here we make a big shift: we heal from the Universal Heart rather than from our individual heart. We use the Divine Qualities of the Universal Heart to heal the Divine Template or soul of the client. Perhaps we should say we heal the most subtle “covering” of the Divine Template. This sounds impossible and outrageous, but as you will experience, it absolutely works.

There is a saying in India “When the karma is over, the medicine will work.”   This is true of energy medicine as well as pharmaceuticals or herbs. There are simply times when the deepest levels of our individuality must be healed for the physical body to respond. We all know people have certain genetic tendencies and patterns.   We are born with them, for whatever reason. How do we heal these tendencies?

This is the glory of Hurqalya Three. These deeply lodged patterns or imbalances must be addressed at the most celestial levels. Only equally subtle or celestial energies will be effective in changing or healing such imbalances.

Susanna and Puran Bair, the co-founders of the Hurqalya Method™, teach us to go deeply into true meditation, and from this place of pure Oneness in the Universal Heart, we call forth these Divine Qualities to heal and balance the most subtle distortions and wounds of the client.

That is how Hurqalya Three works in the ideal. But even if we cannot reach that state of perfect union in our meditation, there is still a great benefit to both healer and client to call forth these energies.