What does your Heart desire?

Health? Love? Success? Spiritual connection? These are all very legitimate desires.

To find the true desires of our heart, we have to open our heart first.

The Hurqalya Method™ is of course designed as a healing process. But the way we heal is to open our own hearts that your heart may open also. Once your heart is opened to the Heart Field and the Source Field, your body begins to quickly return to Health.

As you move into alignment with your Heart’s Desires, the universe opens up to support your individual heart’s purpose. The right people show up, or your current relationship blooms. The right opportunities knock on your door; Love, harmony and Beauty fill your life.

Please don’t misunderstand – there will always be challenges. Even the greatest Masters have challenges. But Life is different when you are supported by the vast power of your heart.

The Hurqalya Method™ opens the door to this gift of living in your heart. That’s the real benefit to your Hurqalya sessions. Everything else is a glorious side effect.