The Spiritual Journey of 18 Inches.

It’s roughly 18 inches from your forehead to your heart. It seems like such a short distance, but traditionally this has been a long and slow journey for most people. A true path of the Heart is very rare. iamHeart is such a path of the heart, and the Hurqalya Method™ is the healing application of the development of the heart.

There are many practices that seem to be focused on the development of the heart. Typically these involve visualization, concentration, etc. Generally such practices are mental practices and not heart centered practices. They really develop the mind first, and the heart tangentially. There is a distinct difference between these mental practices and heart practices. You will experience this in the Hurqalya Method™ and in Heart Rhythm Meditation.

In our culture, we live in our heads. That’s the “smart” thing to do. Brainwaves are measured to show spiritual advancement. It’s only been in the last few years that Heart waves are even being discussed – even though the waves of our hearts are at least 100 times more powerful than the waves of our brains.

When we live in our hearts we are connected to the entire world. We live in love and compassion. Love, Harmony and Beauty dominate our lives.   It is a very powerful place to live because love is magnetic. The heart draws into our world all the deep desires of the heart.

A caveat: The deep desires of our hearts are often not the desires of the surface of our mind, or the desires of our personalities. Keeping up with the Jones, and all our worldly desires often arise from the wounds of both our hearts and our lower energy centers. These can be cultural desires, not the deep wishes of the heart or the design of the template of the soul. Such desires can certainly be fulfilled, but you may find an unexpected new direction in your life once you heal the wounds of your heart.

How do we live in our hearts?

The key to living in our hearts is to recognize the Heart is the center of our Energetic Body. This means we need energy practices and meditations rather than mental meditations. We can still use the mind, but the energy aspect must be dominant.

All the Hurqalya Method™ practitioners spend at least 18 months of heart centered meditation to develop the ability to experience living in their hearts. During a Hurqalya Method™ session, we transmit that heart-centered experience to you. It just happens during the process of healing from the heart. We say it is difficult to teach heart-centeredness, but it is easy to “catch” it from someone living in their heart.

The practice of Heart Rhythm Meditation connects the rhythm of your heartbeat to the rhythm of your breathing. Your breath is central to your energetic body. This smooths the way for your sense of self to move from your brain down those 18 inches into your heart.

You can do HRM on your own, of course. Our experience is that the more retreats and web courses you can take with, the faster you will make this 18 inch shift that will revolutionize your life. The path of the heart in particular needs other hearts to share with and expand into.

After all, we are really just One Heart. We call this the Universal Heart. We must be living in our heart before we can experience the universality of this One Heart. Our hearts’ cry is for you to experience this. Won’t you please join us?