Healing Prostate Cancer

Jan 29, 2019

By Steven Winn


My client is an old friend. He is very brilliant, and has a huge heart. He had a Ph.D. but ended up working for low pay at non-profits because that brought him the most joy. He did not retire “well” financially.

He’s in his 70’s and now works cutting veggies and doing food prep to make a simple subsistence living. He makes $8 an hour. The significance of this will become clearer later in the blog.

He had been diagnosed with severe prostate cancer with a tumor that was at least 6 inches across, and he really wanted to live. He has a lovely wife and didn’t want to leave her alone. The cancer was so advanced the doctor told him that surgery was not an option, but they could try radiation therapy.

I encouraged him to pursue the radiation therapy, or whatever allopathic approaches were available. For the most part, western medicine handles prostate cancer reasonably well.

In our first Hurqalya session I had the overwhelming sense that he would be fine, but this was not based on anything I felt in his body through my hands or contemplation. I told him this, with the caveat that he still had to get every available treatment.

Here’s how it went over an 8 week period:

(PSA is a prostate blood test; the results should be between 1 and 4 for a healthy prostate.)

Start:     PSA at 79

Week 2: PSA at 40

Week 4: PSA at 12

Week 6: PSA at 4

Week 8: PSA at 3.4

The doctors were astonished. “This just doesn’t happen” said the cancer specialist.

But it gets better.

He had a bout of severe constipation and went to get checked at the local hospital. They ran an MRI because they were afraid the 6 inch wide tumor had closed off the colon. Not so. It was simply an infection, easily treated with antibiotics.

The 6 inch wide tumor had simply disappeared over the 8 weeks. A tiny, tiny residue was still there. The radiologist stared at the MRI results in total disbelief. He looked at my client and said “I would never believe this except that you are sitting in front of me and I took the first MRI myself 2 months ago.”

His nurse practitioner called it “A Miracle.”

So what happened?

I can’t truly say how this happened, but here’s what happened during our Hurqalya healing sessions.

He was quite sensitive as a child – even today he has very good subtle perception. His father came home as a veteran from WW2 and thought he had to toughen his son up. The father was well intentioned and a product of his era, so this meant belittling and demeaning his young son constantly.

This pattern continued throughout his life – authority figures belittling him wherever he worked.

You would think prostate cancer would show up as a 2nd chakra wound. That’s the sexual center, right? Not in this case – all the disturbed energy was in his Solar Plexus. 2nd Chakra deals with mother issues, and father issues show up in your 3rd Chakra. This is a male issue, not a sexual issue.

It seemed like every HH2 session was about healing this pattern of dealing with demeaning father figures. I think this is where the real healing took place in terms of healing his wounds. Finally he came to the place where he could forgive and feel love for his father.

I would build up the energy in his solar plexus, and then have him say something like “I forgive you, Dad.” The energy would collapse so fast my hand would have slapped his solar plexus if I didn’t catch it. But eventually he could say it and the energy would hold. That’s when I knew he was making serious progress.

Btw, it took weeks before he could forgive his father and still hold his energy in the solar plexus.

Let’s not ignore the Grace factor. I kept invoking Mercy and Grace, over and over again during our sessions. He was involved with this also – he is a very strong Christian, and he would be handing this burden over to Jesus again and again.

Significantly, he had a very strong intention to live. This wasn’t coming from a fear of dying, but rather out of a love for his wife. I would not expect the broadcasting of fear to invite grace in; the opposite would happen, I think. The fear would pull in the experience and lead to death.

But acting out of love? That’s very powerful.

My client’s appreciation of Hurqalya:

I mentioned in the opening paragraph that my client worked for $8 an hour. He would call it living simply, but the rest of the world would call that living in poverty.

I don’t charge for my HH sessions. I was a minister for 18 years, and now I am a reasonably successful businessman. Although I am no longer giving regular sermons, I still have an “Inner Sanctum” space at the church where I do my Hurqalya sessions.

He knows what kind of income I make, and I know how little he makes. He didn’t have to pay me anything, but he insisted on paying. He would pay me $30 per session.

That doesn’t sound like much, but really he would work for 4 hours just so he could do one Hurqalya session. And this is not discretionary income – this is bare bones living income. He doesn’t have a discretionary budget.

The money went to the church. To him, as a strong Christian, tithing was a Statement of Faith. This is what he was doing – showing the Universe how strong his intention was to be healed.

How important was this? I can’t say. But I can say that I have many very happy Hurqalya clients, and some have had “miraculous but small” healings. But only one healing like this one.

In one sense I am as amazed as his doctors are.

On the other hand, I feel how the power of Hurqalya, spiritual energy, is rising in our world today; the world is evolving profoundly in a most positive way despite surface conflicts.

I am quite clear healings like this will become normal and common as the value of the Heart continues to unfold in our world. Gratitude fills me as I hold this thought.

May we all be so blessed to enjoy this coming time.

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