Kelly Lynch

My introduction to Hurqalya healing began when I was approached by Branka and asked to participate. I was honored to receive this gift as I have been diagnosed with a terminal cancer diagnosis and could use all the healing I could get!  And I so totally love Branka. So we lined up 10 sessions.

From our very first session exploring Hurqalya 1 and 2, this process has been life changing for me. Branka senses energy from specific chakras, and we move forward with the necessary pull out that she tunes into, which allows me to release all that I carry on each given day, leaving me feeling lighter and, well, healed. It was clear that this is work on a soul level. And for this, I am so grateful.

Branka then learned Hurqalya 3, and this is where I really feel the energy as my body becomes enveloped with goosebumps from behind me as I lay on the healing table.  It's as though I'm being embraced by energy.  And it is such a beautiful and powerful experience.

During every session, whether I arrive feeling clear or with much on my heart, I leave feeling renewed, peaceful, and better than when I walked in the door.

Branka has been a true healer on a soul level. She is in her element. And I am so grateful to have connected with her in order to help her process while receiving her incredible gift of healing at the same time.