I began my Hurqalya sessions with the intent of energizing my second chakra which had been constricted due to extended emotional abuse. My sexual energy was nonexistent and I was experiencing dissociation during intimacy with my husband. During the course of treatment there has been a marked shift in my energy. I have gone from being fearful and removed to feeling love on both the receptive and expressive sides. I feel much more balanced with a definite increase in energy flow. I have become present when I am with my husband…this is a huge success!

During the sessions, I felt the movement of energy in different parts of my body. Branka and I discovered that depending on my meditation practice, she could feel the increase of energy in different centers. When doing Ya Quddous/ Ya Muhyi, there was a strong increase in my 2nd and 5th chakras. This held true for other practices that focused on specific energy centers.


An overview of H1, H2, and H3

I’m a big believer in the power of these healing modalities.


I could typically feel the energy more as warmth in different parts of my body along with mild tingling sensations. I did not find H1 to be quite as powerful although I did experience relief from the specific symptoms we were working on, i.e. sciatic pain, congestion, headache. There was some immediate effect but mostly I felt it gradually in the hours following the sessions.



With H2, I could feel energy as a tingling sensation in different parts of my body; sometimes mild but other times very pronounced. I could feel the energy moving throughout my body depending on the area of focus. I always felt a strong tingling and pulsing in both hands and tingling in my third eye. I also experienced more emotion during H2 along with memories tied to those emotions. I sometimes experienced chills and physical shaking depending on the depth of the emotion. This shaking would subside as my energy became more balanced. During one session, I had a pronounced pain in my lower right abdomen. (This was a pain that only appeared after we began the session.) As Branka worked, the pain gradually moved up my body…we talked as she tracked it to confirm that we were both experiencing the same thing. The pain eventually exited up and out of my sixth center. It was an amazing experience!

I could feel a much stronger spiritual component with H2 and could feel the energy working on a deeper level. There were angels and other unseen beings present during many of the sessions, and I typically felt a great sense of peace when we were finished.



This is a sacred and holy experience. I actually felt my soul’s excitement in trying on it’s new body. I felt great hope and curiosity with a strong desire for exploration. I could feel my spirit moving in to the different developmental stages. It did take us 3 tries before we could get the energy of my spirit all the way in to my body. I had a strong desire to visit but not to stay.