Energy Healing Experience

I have anxiety disorder associated with my emotionally abusive ex-husband and father of my child. I see a therapist once or twice per month and am on long term and acute acting anxiety medication.

Before my healing sessions, I had fear and anxiety as usual. Immediately after each energy healing session, I felt peace. I rarely felt any peace at all before energy healing.   I also felt more courageous as a woman; like I had a right to enjoy a peaceful life after divorce.   I learned that specific things during my childhood that caused pain were still affecting me as an adult. I was not aware of these things before my healing sessions. For example, I learned that I was angry with my parents for choosing abnormal partners which in turn caused me to seek abnormal partners. I realized that I was blaming my parents for my situation. I was able to release that pain and forgive them.

Courage was the most profound attribute I received through my healing sessions. Before healing, I did not stand up to my ex-husband or say no to his unreasonable demands regarding our son. As a result of the healing sessions, I set boundaries surrounding communication with my ex-husband and our son. I am still following my set boundaries despite continued harassment which indicates that my courage remains much stronger than before my energy healing sessions. I learned to say no for the right reasons through energy healing. My son and I have more joy and peace because we are not giving into emotional blackmail.

During the early healing sessions, sudden images or strong feelings would surface and I would cry a lot. For later sessions, I did not have strong feeling or images that would make me cry. I still had feelings or images that let me know something needed addressed or saw images that were giving me strength and courage to handle a situation. I felt pressure or tingling on some areas of my body where healing hands were positioned above. Sometimes pain would develop in a certain area but did not remain after the session.   When a ‘pull out’ was performed during my periods of emotional distress I returned to a peaceful state of mind and all crying subsided.