Towards The One … The Perfection of Healing

Sep 27, 2017

(by Steven Winn)

When I was about 8 or 9 years old, I always went to Sunday school. I knew by then that Jesus was Special and could restore sight to the blind, heal the cripples, etc. and even raise the dead back to life. One Sunday morning I learned that it was not just Jesus who did these healings, but the disciples did the same thing – even bringing the dead back to life. A great peace and certainty came over me, and I just knew – really deeply knew – that if the disciples could do these healings then I could too. I just didn’t know how.

In the mid 70’s I went on a meditation retreat in California and saw a Vietnam veteran who was missing one leg from the war. The same deep peace and certainty came over me again and I heard a voice within me say “You have to help this man restore his leg someday”. I marveled at this experience, and just wondered when this would happen. I now live in a small town in Iowa, and as fate would have, this Vietnam vet has moved here also. We’re not close friends but I make it a point to stay in touch when I see him. I still wonder if this is possible, but my inner guidance has always been accurate.

When Puran and Susanna announced the Hurqalya Method™ course, I immediately signed up. Mostly I just wanted to hang out with these extraordinary teachers. I had so many magical transformations from IAMU and the retreats I had been on that I simply would not miss this course.

After being in the course for about a week, Susanna called me and said she and Puran had been meditating on me and felt that I have very strong healing energy. Did I want to help teach the course? I’ve never taught anything for iamHeart, but I jumped at the opportunity. Teachers always learn more than their students. That’s been my experience, and this course has again proven this to me once again. My pod has been a rich circle of resources for learning healing – full of love, clarity, grace and purity. I love them all dearly, and I am so grateful to be able to share this spiritual journey of the Heart with them. At times my pod has also been a source of great challenges, and this is where we grow the most.

At any rate, once I began teaching, my early buried memories about healing started to awaken in me again. I knew Puran and Susanna were extraordinary healers, and I wondered: “Is this where I would learn how to heal like the disciples did?”

It didn’t exactly happen like that …. But this door has definitely been opened.

I am still walking through that door. I can see how restoring sight and hearing to the blind and deaf is possible, how cripples can pick up their bed and walk again, and even how life can be restored. To me this is the Perfection of Healing.

For my internship I picked clients who were way beyond my healing ability. The woman whose kidneys failed her ten years ago and has been on dialysis ever since did not re-grow new kidneys. The woman in Hospice Care who had been bedridden for months did not pick up her bed and walk, etc.

But they were all transformed in astounding ways. They loved the process of HH. Some even offered to pay so they could continue past their ten free sessions.

Let’s start with the woman in her late 60’s who has been on dialysis for 10 years due to kidney failure. In her opening interview she came right out and said, “I’m just waiting to die.” After 10 years of dialysis the hospital staff was finding it harder and harder to connect her to the dialysis machine. She was giving up hope. The average lifespan of a patient on dialysis is 5 to 10 years, but many people live for 20 to 30 years.

Of course her kidneys were lifeless and had no energy when I did HH1 on them. But every session they would fill up with energy.   She worked through a big father issue during HH2. Her chakras filled with energy as the weeks went by, and the energy held. I had her do the Water Breath during our sessions, of course. We all know water is life, and water/life returned to her even though her kidneys did not re-grow.

Here’s how this showed up in her life: She became optimistic again. She cleaned up her apartment and threw out boxes and boxes of old files and material. She had always been neat and well organized and this came back to her as her life force returned. Her social life amped up and she began having old friends and family come to visit her. It seemed like every week she had a new houseguest. She was like a beautiful flower who had dried up, and now was returning to life once water was restored.

The next client, a 70+ woman, had some undiagnosed neurological condition that has destroyed her sense of balance and seems to be slowly attacking her nervous system. She was in hospice care but got out because they decided she was not necessarily going to die anytime soon. She is still bedridden, but she has become absolutely radiant.

She is a devout Catholic and has also been meditating with an upward meditation technique for decades. I mention this for two reasons: first, her chakras were reasonably well balanced and became full of life force very quickly during HH2. How could this be when her body was wasting away? I tie this in to dissociation – she is not connected to her body. This is how she can be so radiantly beautiful even with the deteriorating health of her body.   When doing HH3 I did not notice any particular disconnect between the mental body and the physical body, but now that I write this I will look more closely for this.

After her 10th session, because she is very devout Catholic, I decided to do the Christian Zikr in lieu of HH3. This is the classic “Kyrie Elision” prayer, bowing with full breathing. The first time after doing this Zikr for 20 minutes, I tried to contemplate Jesus so that with Christ in my heart we could heal this dear woman together. When I started the process of contemplation I got an immediate “No, I’m not joining you this time” and instead Jesus enveloped this woman with His energy and Presence. I could see and feel this happening clearly. Afterwards, I did not say anything about my experience but asked her what she experienced? She was quite emphatic – Jesus had come and lovingly embraced her. She was very happy.

One other interesting discovery on working with this client: Her hands shook like she had Parkinson’s. She did not.   But by using the Wazifa Ya Salam, the One Who is Peace, I could stop the shaking of her hands. This happened many times.

One gentleman (60+) I worked on never felt a thing.   He was very healthy but noticed some vision and hearing loss. There was not enough loss to need glasses or a hearing aid, but he had slightly less than perfect sight and hearing. That didn’t change.. He kept coming back for all 10 sessions so I always suspected he was feeling something and just couldn’t articulate it.

From my side, I could feel this gentleman’s Energetic Integration. The more I worked on him, the more integrated he was becoming. This is not something that was covered in our course, but I tangibly know through my hands that his energetic body was becoming more connected and more “solid”.

How did this show up? I’m not sure this client would connect the dots like I do, but within a couple of months after the sessions, my client finally broke up with his live-in girlfriend and asked her to move out. She cried for a day or two, and then moved out. Within a week she spontaneously blurted out “I wish we would have broken up two years ago.” They weren’t a good match, but he didn’t want to hurt her feelings by breaking up with her. After two years, he now had the emotional integration and strength to do what was best for both of them. I don’t yet know how to quantify or measure this “Energetic Integration” but I am sure it is real and useful.

Another woman in her late 50’s had an undiagnosed disease creating chronic fatigue and environmental sensitivity. She would have headaches and HH1 would just knock them out. She had a history of working with the teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan in another school so she loved hearing the Wazifas. Her HH2 sessions were rich with transformations and insights. She finished with a clear picture of what she could do with her life. Before this, her vision was clouded and she just couldn’t see her way.

There are two more interesting parts of her story. One is that she had this chronic fatigue perhaps 25 to 30 years ago, and she cured it by breathing. She had a breathing coach, and they would breathe together weekly for an hour or longer over the course of several weeks. And she was healed for 10 years. From my side, of course I was giving her breathing assignments. But she wouldn’t do them. I kept pointing out to her that this was her path to health, but it didn’t matter. She didn’t have any reason for not doing her breathing exercises; she just wouldn’t do them.

In retrospect I see that my HH sessions with her should have been just breathing together. She felt isolated, and her heart needed someone to breathe with her. I couldn’t see that at the time. Every client is different, and we have to adapt our technique to fit the needs of the client.

The second experience has to do with a HH3 session with this same client. I was doing Ya Bari, purifying the lens between the mind and the body. Suddenly my inner experience simply stopped and I felt a wave of energy flow through me. After a minute I said to her “You’ve just received a great blessing.” She said “Yes, I know. I felt like someone had dipped a paintbrush into pure Beingness and then painted through my body with it.” HH3 truly works when we are in deep meditation.

Here is how I see the door opening to where we can all do the healings done by Jesus and the disciples. When we are deep enough in meditation, at One with the Universal Heart, we have perfect access to these Divine Energies or Divine Beings.   With great love in our hearts, we can ask them for their help in healing. They can easily heal the sick, restore sight and hearing, and even rejuvenate lost limbs

The more we heal, the deeper our meditations become. At some point we will have the inner purity that allows us to reflect and guide by intention the Divine Grace that heals perfectly. And then we will become the living embodiment of Jesus’ prophecy: “All these things you shall do, and even greater things.”

May we all experience such a blessing as a living reality!


For 18 years Steven was the senior pastor for the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the Unity Church of Fairfield Iowa. He is a graduate of the IAMU class of 2015 and is a Co- Dean of the School of the Hurqalya Method™.

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