Impressions Of A Healing Art

Oct 20, 2017

(by Cornelia Dilley, M.D)


My deep gratitude goes to my beloved teachers, who have guided me through ten years of personal character development with so much patience.

They showed me that there really is unconditional love.

Furthermore, I have to thank Steven Winn for his permanent presence, encouragement and unceasing optimism on this path. My pod mates who helped me stay on track also played a vital role in my further development throughout this course.







How Do I Understand the Hurqalya Method™?

How Does HH Affect Me?

Physical Effects

Life Changes

Biggest Challenge

Greatest Success



To me, the Hurqalya Method™, especially levels II and III, is not just a technique to approach a health issue in a client, but an art form similar to sculpting. It literally involves breathing new life into “the patient”. To find the appropriate path to the client’s condition, it is essential to place the practice of contemplation before any intervention. Contemplation contains the word temple – a sacred space. This practice enables us to prepare a sacred space for the client within us. The boundaries of duality disappear and we are able to experience the person in his/her current condition – emotional, physical, and spiritual. Contemplation also means: Inner “viewing” under elimination of personal will. This means we are able to experience the person as they are, without being influenced by a personal agenda. To experience come from Latin: to undergo, to go through (what the client goes through). The information we gain from this practice is the foundation for any further step we may take with this client. It is a first-hand diagnostic.

In addition, the various Healer Practices have enabled me to connect with my teachers, the lineage, and the Source to become a channel of energy. During the sessions, I feel that I am in a zone, beyond my individuality, yet closely perceiving the process in the client.


SELF-HEALING BY PEMF aka the Hurqalya Method™ 1

While alpine skiing, I fell hard on top of the edges of my skis. I was in severe pain in my right ribcage. The pain was so strong that I could not sleep. I decided to give self-administered HH1 or PEMF a try. I held my left hand over the affected area and stretched out my right arm forward, the idea being to move the pain out that way. This position was somewhat twisted, but I could tolerate it for about 20 minutes. I sent energy from my heart through my left hand into the ribs through my heart and out the right hand while repeating Ya Kaffee – Ya Shaffee. Afterwards, the pain had gone from about 9 to 3 on a 10-point scale.

I repeated this session the next day and the pain was gone completely.

This treatment was my sole intervention and it worked within hours, although the common perception is that it takes 4 – 6 weeks for the symptoms of a contusion of the ribs to subside.

This occurred early on during the class and it gave me the personal experience of the potency of this intervention. Now that I could feel it, I could believe it. I drew the confidence from it to work with others and the trust that their feedback was real and not just to be nice was a real boost.

I was ready to work with anyone who would be willing to give this method a shot. My biggest challenge was to recruit clients and I was not able to conduct as many sessions as I would have liked to.

Still, I was able to help with PEMF in about five more people and I felt the greatest satisfaction in the improvement of people who did not believe in it and tried me.



Verena is a 49-year-old acquaintance who approached me for help.

Intake: Primary Complaint:  Poor energy, obesity, unhappiness


·      Chronic pain from the right shoulder to the cervical spine with numbness of the fingers, especially during sleep;

·      Chronic pain in the lumbar spine to hips and ileo-sacral joints left stronger than right

·      Allergies

Pre-existing condition: Harrington Implant to correct severe scoliosis in 1986


Contemplation for Session 1:

Dimensions of the Heart:

Height            strong

Depth average

Left     huge

Right   huge

Back    average

Forward weak

Inner  average



Nurturing, beauty, affection, love



Crown             strong

Forehead       average

Throat                        weak – strangled

Heart              strong

Solar P.           weak

Sexual                        weak

Root                average


Side Comparison:

Left     discomfort

Right   strong

During the contemplation, my first impression was a strong strangling feeling in the throat and immediate sadness. I sensed an issue in the 2-5 connection, energy flow from the top did not flow freely.

Session 1:

For the first part of the session, she was complaining about everything that goes wrong in her life. How she has to “do everything herself” because nobody helps her out.

When laying the lines, I noticed strong activity in the forehead and heart, but marked weakness in the solar plexus. It felt like all the activity in the head did not translate into action. Also, I felt that 2 and 5 needed to be connected to help the creative process of determining what she really wants to change. Therefore, I connected chakra 3 and 6, did a pull-out from the throat and shoulder and connected 2 and 5.

She kept complaining of shoulder pain. When I scanned her throat, I picked up on that strangling sensation again and did a healing there. During this segment, she felt soothing warmth in the area and reported that she has gagging attacks, even vomits almost daily. For a while, I felt almost like gagging myself, and concentrating on my breath helped me to get through this phase.

Then I followed with PEMF for the right shoulder. During the complete treatment, I recited silently Ya Shaffee – Ya Kaffee.


Feedback by Client for Session 1:

She felt wider and lighter in her throat and shoulder area. Her voice had come down dramatically and echoed that it sounded strange to her. The back pain was gone. Sitting for such a long time, which is the only position we can work in, was surprisingly comfortable. She felt empowered overall.

Session 2 (one week later):

She said she felt really good all week until the day before when she started to feel irritable again. She had no more problems with her shoulder-neck area.

During HH2, I noticed the narrowness in the throat again and worked on it, which improved the situation. I also gave her instructions to begin HRM.

When she left, she said she felt much better.

Contemplation for Session 3 (one week later):

I felt mostly very heavy and pulled down. And the line “Raise me from the denseness of the earth” kept coming up. When I looked for guidance in the “Complete Sayings”, I found number 1671: The Soul is light, the mind is light, the body is light.”

About three hours before our appointment, Verena cancelled, but I gave her the affirmation: The soul is light, the mind is light, and the heart is light. I made this little adjustment because she is sensitive about her weight.

Contemplation for Session 4 (one week later):

Her whole being feels much lighter, physically, emotionally, and mentally. The sensation of strangulation is almost gone. Overall, fairly content.

Session 4:

Verena looked much happier and more open. She wore a pink blouse over her black outfit. Her voice sounded more assertive. In her narrative, she moved away from complaining and found circumstances she is grateful for. She made plans for much-needed actions. Her mood was markedly optimistic. She experienced fewer and less severe back pains in two weeks. The shoulder was fine.

In this session, we looked at her dysfunctional beliefs and worked on mindset and structure.

Session 5:

Verena walked in smiling. She had been to the bank to get much needed paper work. She started a 1.5 hour fitness workout with friends to have a weekly commitment. Her shoulder pain keeps coming back, but not as severe as before. Her report was completely free of complaints or blaming.

I could still feel the obstruction in the throat and applied HH2 to the shoulder and neck area. I repeated the connection of centers 3 to 6 and 5 to 2. At the end of the session Verena stated that she feels much lighter over all, her voice had an echo again and the shoulder pain was markedly reduced.

Contemplation for Session 6 (one week later):

The whole being feels still much lighter, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Session 6:

She states that she feels overall well. She did her work out a few times, lost 10 pounds, drinks less alcohol, consumes fewer carbs, put herself on a detox program with dietary supplements, turned her paperwork in at the bank, has her physical check-ups set up. She booked a wellness weekend. Her symptoms of gagging and back pains are markedly reduced. Her activity level and ability to make decisions has improved considerably. She stated that she feels she starts to connect with herself again, feeling happier and more content. She does not blame her partner anymore.

This was the first session during which she was able to lie down on the massage table. Again I worked on the 5 – 2-connection. I also connected the heart to the creative center.

When we had finished she said she feels like a burden was lifted from her; her voice had an echo again and she almost fell asleep because she was deeply relaxed.




Doro is a 36-year-old acquaintance who volunteered.

Intake: Primary Complaint:  Recurrent ENT-infections, allergies(?), poor energy


1.     Recurring runny nose, sore throat, rasping;

2.     Fatigue

3.     Allergies


Contemplation for Session Distant Healing:

Dimensions of the Heart:

Height            strong

Depth weak

Left     average

Right   average

Back    strong

Forward weak

Inner  average



Nurturing, beauty, affection, love



Crown             strong

Forehead       strong

Throat                        weak – slight restriction

Heart              average

Solar P.           weak

Sexual                        average

Root                average


Side Comparison:

Left     discomfort

Right   average

I started with HH2 pairing all chakras and I repeatedly felt a restriction in the throat. Because the energy flow along the whole body was not restored, I moved on to HH3. After this, the torus flow felt even and free.


Feedback by Client for Distant Healing Session:

She felt a shift in energy when the session had come to an end; she had strong physical sensations in her forehead, throat, and belly. Her forehead and nose felt free. Overall, she felt deeply relaxed like after a restful sleep.



How do I understand the Hurqalya Method™?

To me, the Hurqalya Method™ is only possible by connecting my heart to the lineage, i.e., the teachers, the Illuminated Souls and the Source Field. This allows me to become a channel in directing the necessary divine energy where it is needed. My experience has been that, even if I don’t hit the “optimal spot”, the field finds the mark. I seem to become the channel which the energy finds its way to work its wonders.

How does the Hurqalya Method™ affect me?

When I give healing sessions: I am in awe at what is possible and I feel deeply humbled and, at the same time, honored to be a part of it. I feel tremendous responsibility to be beneficial to my clients. My anchor is the connection between my heart and the source field, which I draw on at every step of the work. The guidance I receive this way keeps me safe and confident in this work.

When I receive healing sessions: The biggest issue is that I feel deeply trustful regarding the process. I am able to just be there without attempting to observe or control the situation. I have even fallen asleep during a session. To have this trust is a big deal for me.

Physical effects:

In the client: Pain relief, release of muscular tension; dissolving nasal congestion; increased energy.

Life changes:

In me: Last week, a very critical lady (64) who has been my patient for three years said to me: “Since we work together you have become ten years younger.” Does that count for a life change?

In my clients:  Since I have not had a long-term client for the Hurqalya Method™ I was not able to observe any life changes in them.

Biggest challenge:

What I found most difficult was to recruit clients. I have to separate HH unmistakably from my regular practice of psychotherapy due to licensing issues. I find this very sad because I feel that both disciplines could benefit from connecting them to a certain degree. Unofficially, I already connect them in parts. When I contemplate a patient, I gain insights into his/her condition that I would never get with any other method I know of.

The greatest success:

The fastest success I have had is with PEMF. Results are easy to gage and the client can clearly define them. They have a tangible quality to them.

To me, the most rewarding are emotional changes in the client. When they can describe some kind of positive shift in their energy they are happier than before.

Cornelia is a medical doctor and licensed clinical psychologist. She has worked in hospitals and private practice, in the US and Germany for over thirty years. Furthermore, she has acted as executive coach and management trainer. She has been affiliated with iamHeart Inc. for more than ten years which has enriched her life enormously. 2012 she graduated from I AM U and is a HRM Mentor. She uses Heart Rhythm Meditation for her daily personal routine and as a frequent application during psychotherapy sessions. Cornelia lives in Bavaria, Germany.

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