Healing Mercury Toxicity

Dec 10, 2018

(by Kate Lampe LPC)

Hurqalya as a general support in psychotherapy clients

Kate Lampe LPC, Emmaus PA


My first and primary client is Wendy L. She is a 30 year old homeless chef who became toxic with mercury poisoning. Wendy was exposed to mercury while cleaning up a broken light bulb in the restaurant that she owned and operated. The air inside the building where she worked was tested and found to contain mercury. Her blood levels were also tested and it was confirmed that she had mercury toxicity.

Her physical symptoms included anxiety that became debilitating, profound confusion that lead to her inability to track basic living skills, fatigue, paranoia and headaches. Her support network was nonexistent. Her biological family is riddled with alcoholism and domestic violence. Her boyfriend is intolerant and disinterested in her healing.

She is a vegan chief and very well known in her community. She became homeless after her symptoms made it impossible for her to work. When she came to me her temporary place to stay was on the floor of a firehall. Her restaurant had been closed for 6 months.

From Wikipedia:

Acute mercury exposure has given rise to psychotic reactions such as delirium, hallucinations, and suicidal tendency. Occupational exposure has resulted in erythrism, with irritability, excitability, excessive shyness, and insomnia as the principal features of a broad-ranging functional disturbance. With continuing exposure, a fine tremor develops, initially involving the hands and later spreading to the eyelids, lips, and tongue, causing violent muscular spasms in the most severe cases. The tremor is reflected in the handwriting which has a characteristic appearance. In milder cases, erythrism and tremor regress slowly over a period of years following removal from exposure. Decreased nerve conduction velocity in mercury-exposed workers has been demonstrated. Long-term, low-level exposure has been found to be associated with less pronounced symptoms of erythrism, characterized by fatigue, irritability, loss of memory, vivid dreams, and depression (WHO, 1976).

Wendy was treated by several local physicians and the local hospital. After traditional treatment failed she sought help from complementary medicine practices. She sought and received network chiropractic, shamanic treatments, reiki, chelation therapy and healing touch.

When she came to me nothing had proven effective and she had lost hope in her recovery.

Her anxiety was so profound that she awakened each morning begging her friends and a sister to speak with her by phone to calm her down. They were powerless to help and eventually became critical. Their suggestions for her were to submit to psychological treatments that included psychotropic medicines. Even while profoundly confused she felt the mood altering drugs could make her even worse.

We met at first once weekly. She felt relief while on the table but this did not last for more than an hour. I increased her treatment to twice weekly.

We continued with this course of treatment during the entire Hurqalya training period.

As the practitioner of Hurqalya healing I have always felt an internal resistance to being the healer. I have achieved a great confidence in my work as a psychotherapist and being a beginner in energy healing was very hard on me. As I stood in front of her small 75 pound frame I felt her own hopelessness and my own inexperience. I really wanted to help but I had no idea what to expect and I felt reluctant to begin.

In the beginning sessions I focused on developing the root chakra. Her upper chakras were energized and chaotic. The lower field was so weak I wondered how she could go on living and so did she. In HH2 she would stay silent and deep. Even while I tried to encourage her to share her visions and emotions, she could not speak easily until after the session. During these early sessions her relationship with her father and her current boyfriend would surface. Here she would feel abandonment as a young girl and then again as a young woman. Both men are critical and blaming of her.

Wendy deeply questioned the purpose of her illness in the early phases of treatment. She obsessively pondered what kind of God would do this to a person. Her friends made suggestions according to their new age philosophies or traditional mind thoughts.

She did reflect that prior to this illness she could never relate to the troubles that her clients and friends experienced. Being a vegan expert she found every illness was related to eating the right kind of food. She could not solve this problem with her truly amazing connection to healthy eating.

As part of our time together, I deliberately shared challenges of my own that helped her to feel the dignity of our togetherness. I felt that while she needed my expertise she needed my humanity even more. I held both very strongly. The expertise I held was as a psychotherapist. Wendy and I were both deeply aware that therapy alone could not help her. Yet my background as a therapist and a spiritual teacher supported the Hurqalya process.

She was very grateful to support my growth as an energy healer. I had the feeling that her vulnerability was so profound that helping someone else put her in a sort of equal footing that was needed for her to relax and allow the energy transfer.

In addition to energizing each chakra with the sounds and the placement of my hands I also used the pairing of the root and the crown and the solar plexus and the third eye. Over a few months these combinations began to work. I could feel her root becoming more resilient and buoyant. She was reporting a change in the levels of anxiety she experienced. She moved from a 10 to a 7 on the scale of 10 being the most anxious. It was amazing for me to realize that our sessions were actually having an impact. I was grateful that the sessions were free and that I needed to learn from our work together. I knew that she would not have been able to pay and I knew that traditional therapy alone would have profoundly failed her.

Eventually the signs of confusion began to lesson as well. She began to express more confidence in managing simple things like paying bills. She reopened her restaurant and slowly began the process of reaching out to her former clientele. This process was negatively influenced by a computer hacking that wiped out her records.

The computer hacking seemed related to the mercury poisoning and the unhealed wounds of a neglected childhood family home.

The basic energies in relationship to life were all showing the signs of neglect. She was not capable of knowing who to trust and not capable of being protective of her life force.

Of significance in one of her sessions we both felt an energy that did not belong to her. I spoke with the being that was holding onto her energy. Its influence was significantly negative. This part of my skill set was already developed in advanced practice hypnotherapy. (very different from hypnosis). The release of the entity opened a wider fuller path of growth. Wendy’s health began increasing steadily after this session.

Also of significance, in one session I was joined by a strong inner feminine healer who began to move my right arm as I was standing at Wendy’s head. This continued until the arm was completely outstretched to the far right. As noted in our literature, the right side intervention opened her future. While on the table Wendy saw and felt many opportunities for her personal and professional life. After the session and in the days that followed she explored these opportunities.

At the time of this writing Wendy’s anxiety is frequently not apparent to her. She has taken steps to strengthen her business by going into a consortium of chefs in a collaborative space. She is also seeking partnerships with chefs who want to further vegan ideals. They have a travel vehicle and sell food at festivals in Pennsylvania and other neighboring states. Her experience as a chef is far superior to her colleagues and they are potentially great partners. She is attracting supportive helpful relationships. Her mind is clear.

Even with this progress, she still sleeps on a floor in a building that provides little nourishment for her soul. I am hopeful that our continued work will shift and heal this part of her body mind.

Kate Lampe is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 25 years of experience helping individuals and couples with emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual issues. She specializes in sexual trauma counseling, drug and alchohol addiction counseling, and also facilitates group meditation circles.

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