Hurqalya Method™ by Susanna and Puran Bair

Developed by Susanna and Puran Bair, founders of iamHeart, Inc.


The human body has the innate ability to make its own medicine and heal its own ills. To activate that ability, one needs to provide two things: Energy and attention. Energy comes from conscious breath, and the energy goes where attention is placed. The application of breath and attention requires training, so people are not usually capable of generating the healing energy they need for themselves.

The Institute for Applied Meditation on the Heart, called “iamHeart,” has developed a training in energy healing called “Hurqalya Method™” that applies the special skills of a Heart Rhythm Meditator to create a series of energetic interventions for the physical, emotional and spiritual healing of others.

Hurqalya Method™ was developed from the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan (d. 1927), Pir Vilayat (d. 2004), and Ethel Lombardi (d. 2009) through the extensive experience of Susanna and Puran Bair with energy healing and meditation.

Hurqalya Method™ Level 1

A healer’s hands can emit “Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields” (PEMF), which are the result of the pulsations of the heart.   PEMF have been recognized by the FDA for treating both physical and emotional illnesses. Commercial devices that produce PEMF are actually attempting to reproduce the PEMF produced naturally by the human heart.

With conscious intention and attention, a healer can direct their heart’s energy field into their hands, into their fingertips, and then into someone else. This is the first level of healing, which we practice in Hurqalya Method™ Level 1.

A healer at this first level needs to know when to increase the PEMF in an area and when to decrease the PEMF, according to the type of illness. For example, injuries typically need more energy, while cancer needs less energy.

Hurqalya Method™ Level 2

Behind a physical illness there is generally a mental-emotional condition. To heal the underlying cause as well as the physical symptom, you’ll need a method of intervention that changes the energy stored in the chakra system. We call this Hurqalya Method™ Level 2. Here, you’re not only using PEMF’s, but you’re circulating the client’s energy through yourself to connect chakras that have become weak.

This is a level of healing that is not usually performed because so many healers are working in a dualistic paradigm where they need to keep a separation between healer and client. In a holistic paradigm, the healer and client are a part of each other; the illness of the client is already shared by the healer, and the healer heals the client by healing the healer and client together.

You would need some training to heal this way because you have to ensure that the energy is flowing through your heart, which can convert the illness to a homeopathic remedy. And you need to build up your nervous system to handle the powerful current of energy that connects you and your client and flows through both of you. We use Heart Rhythm Meditation for this.

Hurqalya Method™ Level 3

At a third level of healing, the healer is restoring the manifested aspect of the client to the client’s unmanifested template. This is effective for auto-immune diseases where the client has lost the sense of self. The immune system can only implement the sense of self that the client experiences. If the client loses the sense of self, the immune system is uncalibrated, and makes errors. Hurqalya Method™ Level 3 requires the most training and spiritual development, but the results are amazing. This level of healing can also be done at a distance.

This third level is also used to restore and enhance the client’s natural intuition, joy, unconditional love and peace. The lack of these four qualities are types of spiritual illnesses, that underlie emotional conditions, that manifest in physical weakness or dysfunction. To perform healing at this level, you’ll need a spiritual school.

Hurqalya Method™ Level 1: Description

In Hurqalya Method™ 1 we work on the energy field that surrounds your physical body, called the bio-field.

Your bio-field has an asymmetric shape with its dimensions corresponding to your physical and emotional strengths and weaknesses, as described in the book, “Energize Your Heart in Four Dimensions,” by Susanna and Puran Bair.

Your bio-field is 99% generated by your heart (the brain generates 1%), so the bio-field pulses with your heartbeat in what’s called a Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF). The pattern of the pulsation establishes a coordinating rhythm for the many different functions of your body.

Beside the rhythm of your bio-field, the bio-field may have irregularities where the subtle energy is very weak, or a bulge where the subtle energy is excessive or of the wrong type. There are four different types of subtle energies, which the ancient wisdom traditions called the Elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. There is no “bad” energy. The different subtle energies are necessary for the health of different types of tissues.

Your bio-field circulates energy within itself through a spiral-connecting current to deliver the appropriate kind of energy to each area. An energetic illness occurs when this flow is interrupted or restricted.

A Hurqalya practitioner is able to interact with your bio-field and restore the proper rhythm in your bio-field by generating PEMF from his or her heart. The steady, coherent and deliberate PEMF of the practitioner’s heart, directed through their hands, will cause your field to synchronize to that rhythm by a process called “entrainment.”

Additionally, the Hurqalya practitioner can inject the appropriate type of subtle energy into your bio-field, and divert the inappropriate energy to other areas of your bio-field where it can be used. Profound energetic changes can result from these interventions, which may then affect your physical body and your emotional state.

Hurqalya Method™ Level 1, called “Energetic Field Restoration,” uses the technique of spiritual concentration to direct the healer’s Heart Field, through the healer’s hands as a Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF). The healer is practicing Heart Rhythm Meditation, so the PEMF of the healer’s hands exhibit a coherent Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Hurqalya Method™ level 1 is especially suited for physical issues.

Hurqalya Method™ Level 2: Description

The Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) generated by your heart extends many meters in all directions. Your physical body is a “standing wave” within that field, like a whirlpool in an ocean of energy.

Your magnetic field is generally shaped like a torus (doughnut) with a central core, like all magnetic fields and the magnetic field of the earth. But your field is a special kind of magnetic field called a “bio-field” because it’s generated by a biological system and has special dynamic characteristics: the core of your bio-field consists of an upward spiral of energy currents and a simultaneously descending spiral of energy currents. These currents intersect at seven points along the spine, like the Caduceus symbol of two snakes used in ancient medicine.

The points of intersection define seven energy centers. Each of these centers accumulates and stores a different combination of the four subtle energies (called “spirit” or “ether” by the ancients) that constitute the universe. Furthermore, the energy centers mature over time, in sequence from lower to higher, so each center stores an energetic imprint of events in a period of your life.

As your heart generates 99% of your energy field, your heart is the principal center of the seven centers. Each of the other centers is energized by your heart through the Caduceus, spiraling energy currents.

The energy currents connecting the seven energy centers can become constricted so that the current is reduced, which then weakens one or more centers. A weak energy center can inhibit the natural function of those physical tissues that depend on its energy, and can also inhibit the resolution of traumas in that period of your past during which the center matured.

A Hurqalya practitioner will use the super-conductivity of their hands to increase your energy currents by placing their hands along the lines of your currents’ spiraling flow and directly over each of your seven energy centers. The practitioner will not actually touch your body.

As the practitioner moves energy in your bio-field, you may experience a strong emotion because emotion is caused by energy-in-motion. Your Hurqalya practitioner will guide this energetic movement to help you discover deeper levels of experience that can open the currents within your energy field and result in restored, natural energy in each center.

When your practitioner feels an unusually intense spot in your bio-field, your practitioner may suggest an intervention called a “pull-out” to bring to your consciousness the event that is encapsulated in that energy. This will require your permission and will proceed with your active cooperation. We have found time and again that wounds in one’s psyche are not resolved completely until the energy that holds them is released.

The energy centers operate in pairs, except for the central heart center. When one center is weak or damaged, its pair will also be affected. Normally, a higher energy center can reset and restore the energy of its lower, paired center, up to the energy capacity of the higher center. Sometimes a lower energy center is needed to boost its higher pair.

For example, when chronic stress damages the third (solar plexus) energy center, one often has difficulty seeing the big picture and understanding complexity. That would indicate a weak sixth (forehead) center. In this case a Hurqalya practitioner could perform an intervention called the “Three-Six Connection” to restore the connection of your third and sixth centers to each other, to your heart, your primary energy source, and if necessary, to the practitioner’s heart for additional energy. This often results in an increased capacity for handling stress, as well as a better understanding of the forces and circumstances that cause stress.

In the Hurqalya Method™, there is no discard of any of your energy; all your energy is preserved, purified and recirculated within you.

Hurqalya Method™ Level 3: Description

When a physical symptom can be associated with, or localized to, a specific area of the energy body, Hurqalya Method™ 1 and 2 can be applied.

Hurqalya Method™ 1 is easily learned by a practitioner, and is similar to the energy healing methods of other schools. It is quick and direct. Hurqalya Method™ 2 requires the practitioner to have advanced skills in Heart Rhythm Meditation in order to create a very effective, bidirectional flow of healing energy.

For most emotional conditions, there is a relation between the symptom and an energy center in the body. Therefore, Hurqalya Method™ 2 can be applied for emotional healing in those cases.

There are some physical and emotional conditions that are systemic, not associated with a specific area within the energy body. In these cases, Hurqalya Method™ 3 can be applied.

The electro-magnetic field produced by the electrical contractions of the heart muscle is measurable and has been studied extensively. This field accounts for almost all of the energetic bio-field of the human body, so it is 99% accurate to call the energetic bio-field of the body, the Heart Field.

We have seen that slight variations in the Heart Field can indicate physical and emotional illness or distress. Furthermore, the Heart Field can be modified under influence from the Heart Field of another person, resulting in a change in the corresponding physical tissues and emotional states.

In addition to the Heart Field generated by an individual, there is also an electro-magnetic field that generates an individual. This omnipresent, all-pervading field holds the energy and consciousness that is the source of all life. Therefore, some scientists have called it the Source Field.

From an energy point-of-view, life is an interaction of the Heart Field and the Source Field. In some ways your Heart Field is creating the circumstances and structures of your life, and in some ways your life is manifesting a design stored in, and generated by, the Source Field.

The Source Field contains the original template of your unique identity, including the structure of your body and the qualities of your heart and mind. Because the Source Field and your Heart Field interact, and because the Source Field is also affected by the Heart Field of others and by environmental electro-magnetic fields, the template of your being can become distorted, resulting in a loss of self.

Distortion of the template of your body can cause the immune system to lose the sense of “self and not-self,” resulting in autoimmune disorders and cancer. Distortion of the template of your heart and mind can cause a psychological loss of self, resulting in pessimism, dissociation, addictions, and self-destructive behaviors.

The objective of Hurqalya Method™ 3 is to strengthen and clarify the Source field as it constructs the levels of your individual being. This requires the Hurqalya Method™ practitioner to attain an extraordinary state of being, which can only be reached through meditation, in which the practitioner is immersed in the Source Field itself.

Hurqalya Method™ 3 does not address any specific illness you may have; rather, it aims at a restoration of your individual template and the reconstruction of your heart, mind and body to more perfectly express that template.